Blackcat Software and Windows 7

A number of schools have reported problems installing and running the BlackCat suite of software on Windows 7.

All the Blackcat titles on Windows 7 Home have been tested and found the following:
 Decisions3  Version Works properly – no issues
 Fresco   Version 1.15 Works properly – no issues.

We’re aware that the older installer for Fresco has a small bug which results in the Undo button not working. This is easily resolved. Creating a folder called undo in the Fresco installation folder will resolve this issue. ie C:\Program Files\BlackCat\Fresco\undo
 Information Workshop 2000  Version 2.1.4 Works but File -> Save OR File -> Open causes the application to crash therefore making it unusable
 Logo   Version 1.2 After installation there are error with switching levels within the software. Copying the settings folder from the C:\Program Files\BlackCat\Logo to the default work folder\Logo appears to solve the issue. The levels are listed as UNKNOWN but everything works properly.
 NumberBox   Version 2.2.0 An error (HTML Help Class – Shdocvw.dll is not registered…) is shown on launching the application. Clicking OK on the two error boxes seems to skip the issue. Trying to Open or Save a file causes the application to crash therefore making it unusable.
 PawPrints  Version 1.2.1 Works without any issues
 WriteAway   Version 1 Reports error on installation.

File association with .waw files doesn’t work. This can be fixed manually but there are further issues eg Word Banks in Green Level don’t work.

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