Remote Learning

Teaching and learning suddenly looks very different for teachers and pupils with the spread of Covid-19. On this page we will provide some short videos to show you how to use some online tools for supporting teaching and learning online. NB Apologies for the poor audio on some of these Рthey are by nature rough and ready! Closed captions are on by default Рclick on the icon at the bottom right on the YouTube window to turn off.

Immersive Reader (Chrome)

This video shows you how to add the Immersive Reader extension to Chrome to help learners to read text on websites. This is great for supporting pupils with special needs and disabilities, or those with English as an additional language.

Note: You can also add Immersive Reader to the Microsoft Edge browser – it depends on what a pupil is using at home.

Adding a narration to PowerPoint

This video shows you how to create a screencast of a PowerPoint presentation, recording narration, annotations, animations etc. Ideal for creating a simple teacher-led resource for pupils to work through at their own pace at home. 


This video shows you how to create a screencast of any application or website you want to show how to use. It uses a free tool called Screencastify, which is a Chrome extension.

Making documents accessible

This video shows you how to make your documents, in particular in Word, as accessible as possible for pupils with special educational needs, e.g. dyslexia, visual impairment.

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