SEN Scratch Activities

Here is a list of activities created in Scratch that can be used to teach elements of Computing and general use of technology for cause and effect work. They were created specifically for Minibeast Rhythms scratch activity examplestudents with special educational needs but would be useful for teaching mainstream primary students too. Projects for teaching Scratch itself can be found at the new Scratch Progression Resource page.

The first list contains a number of activities for teaching algorithms and other computational thinking concepts.

In the second list there are a few general activities for computing, e.g. to practise mouse skills, or produce artwork using shapes, plus cause and effect activities for PMLD students.

Click on the links to view the activities – these will take you to the Scratch website. You are welcome to remix the projects as you wish, but please credit the Sheffield eLearning Team on your project page.

Basic Computational Thinking Activities

Getting DressedTo teach the idea of sequence in algorithms - it is important to put on your pants before your trousers.
Musical Programming - coloursCreate simple programs to play music by choosing a sequence of colours on cards.
Musical Programming - shapesCreate simple programs to play music by choosing a sequence of shapes on cards.
Minibeast RhythmsCreate a sequence of rhythms that can be clapped out - to teach algorithms: sequence and loops.
River Trace 1Students understand that they can control technology and make things happen with this simple dragging game.
River Trace LevelsAs above, but with three levels.
River Trace 2This activity contains a choice - students decide the outcome of the activity.
Dinosaur DrawUse this to follow precise instructions and practise directional language. Precursor to using Logo.

Other Scratch Activities

Mouse Skills 1Practise moving and left-clicking to find the mouse.
Mouse Skills 2Practise moving and left-clicking to find the mouse - it gets smaller every time.
Mouse Skills 3You need to be quick to find the mouse before it disappears.
Musical Cause and EffectClick on the instruments as they appear to play music.
Cause and Effect StarsPress the space bar to make a star appear with audio cue. Example of how to create a resource for PMLD students in Scratch.
Random Art Generator - ShapesUse the arrow keys to randomly generate coloured shapes.
Random Art Generator - ColoursPress the up, down and right arrows to create random coloured squares
Autumn Leaves ArtIdeal for use with a MaKey Makey, press arrow keys to produce autumnal art.
Pets Pictogram GeneratorGenerates random pictograms on pets for discussion around data.
Who are you talking to online?Activity to get students to think about who they are talking to online.
Silly Sounds PlayerChoose a sound from the list, press the space bar to play the sound. Use a MaKey MaKey to create your own switch.
Dance MixUse the space bar, up arrow and down arrow to trigger the boys to dance and play music. Use a MaKey MaKey to create your own switches.

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