Projects marked with an asterix* are accompanied by a worksheet for pupils. You can access these here. You can find all the projects on Scratch here  
There are also some further projects to stretch pupils in this studio:

Belisha Beacon

Modify –

Blank project that can be used to simulate a belisha beacon using an infinite loop.

Traffic light Scratch resource

Traffic lights – physical system*


Explore –

 Explore a simple physical system of button and traffic light.

Triceratops scratch project



Explore the different inputs that change what happens to the triceratops.

Wind turbine scratch project

Wind Turbine*

Explore – Wind turbine – explore

Modify – Wind turbine – modify

Debug – Wind turbine – debug

Simulates a wind turbine, with a variable to determine the wind speed.

Automatic doors scratch project

Automatic Doors* 


Explore the model of an automatic door – requires a webcam to work

Automatic Home*


Explore the automatic home which emulates a number of different sensors. The Debug project contains three errors to correct

Automatic Garage Door

Uses a repeat until loop to open the grarge door when the car gets close enough.

Sound Meter

Senses the sound level using the microphone and indicates how loud it is (requires microbphone to work).

Baby Monitor

Explore (uses microphone) –
Explore (uses microphone & webcam) –
Debug – (uses microphone)
A number of projects to simulate a baby monitor that is activated when there is a noise.