Projects marked with an asterix* are accompanied by a worksheet for pupils. You can access these here. You can also find all projects on Scratch here: (plus a number of extra activities). 

Count controlled loops

Scratch the cat drawing a square

Moving in a Square*


Modify –

Debug –

 Explore count-controlled loops to draw a square. The modify project contains no loop – learners need to choose what to add. The Debug project has three errors to correct.

Guitar and trumpet from Scratch project

Music Loops*



Explore count-controlled loops to play a tune.

Ten 80 dance project

Ten 80 Dance



Explore count-controlled loops and the next costume command to make the boy dance. Modify to create your own dance.

Saying Hello scratch project

Saying Hello


Debug –

 Explore count-controlled loops to animate the girl walking. The Debug project has three errors to correct.

Drawing Stars

Explore – Drawing Stars – explore

Uses the Pen extension and loops to draw stars.

link to drawing project

Drawing Shapes


Modify –

Debug –

Explore count-controlled loops with these activities – extends from the Moving in a Square project with ‘broadcast’ commands on the buttons. Modify – add code to draw the triangle and hexagon. The debug project contains three errors to correct.

Drawing Flowers

Explore Drawing flowers – explore

Uses nested loops to draw more complex shapes.

Forever (infinite) loops

Traffic light Scratch resource

Traffic Lights*


Order –

Debug –

Explore forever (infinite) loops with these activities. Order the commands to make the traffic lights work. The debug project contains three errors to correct

Fish in an aquarium

Aquarium Screensaver*


Modify –

Explore forever (infinite) loops with these activities. 

Animated Name

Explore – Animated Name

Debug Animated Name – debug

Animate the letters of your name using a forever loop.

Ferris Wheel

Explore – Ferris Wheel Simple – explore

Modify Ferris Wheel – modify

Simulation of a ferris wheel, using a forever loop to keep it turning.

Butterfly Stamp

Explore – Butterfly Stamp

Modify Butterfly Stamp – modify

Uses the Pen tools, go to random position block and a forever loop to stamp the image of the butterfly over the screen.

Infinite & count-controlled loops

Random Triangles

Explore – Random Triangles

Explore Random Triangles – change colour

Combines forever and count-controlled loops to draw triangles over the screen.

Infinite Musical Jellyfish

Explore – Infinite Musical Jellyfish

Uses forever & count-controlled loops to make jellyfish appear & fade

Repeat until loops

Food Truck project

Food Truck Repetition



Explore forever (infinite) loops and repeat until loops with this project. The Debug project has three errors to identify and correct

Popping Balloon


Explore repeat until loops with this project.