Whole School Strategic Review

The Sheffield eLearning Team is made up of both curriculum consultants and technical team, with manyImage of different technology years experience working in and with schools. As a result we can offer a wraparound service to look at how ICT is being used in your school in order to to ensure you are making the best of your hardware, software and training opportunities.

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“Thank you and the expert team for the quality and professionalism of the final report and the process behind it. […] we entered into the idea of an ICT review in the dark with little idea of where we were or our future direction and we have come out of the review with a set of runway lights, so we now have a clear focus on the future direction of travel in terms of where ICT is going, for the ICT co-ordinator, the school and in our safeguarding role.  With any special needs school our concerns are whether outsiders understand our young people and the school ethos; in a short time your team clearly did and this was demonstrated in the report. Even during the review we were able to move quickly to address the concerns, and have experts to call on to be able to meet the needs of the pupils, their curriculum needs, the IT infrastructure and perhaps more importantly than anything else the ever-increasing risk associated with eSafety” 

Paul Silvester, Deputy Headteacher at North Ridge Community School

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