Projects marked with an asterix* are accompanied by a worksheet for pupils. You can access these here. You can also find all projects on Scratch here: (plus a number of extra activities). 
Boy and butterfly scratch project

Boy and Butterfly


 A very simple project to explore and modify using different events to make things happen

Boy dancing

Dance Mix


Each person starts dancing when you press a different key – explore costumes and events in this simple program.

Froggy Events

Explore – Froggy Events 

Explore Froggy Events 2

Project to explore different events on a sprite, and costumes. Students can see how you can use different events to make things happen simultaneously.

dancing when you press a different key – explore costumes and events in this simple program.

Animal menagerie scratch program

Animal Menagerie*


Read the code and predict what will happen to each animal when clicked or space bar pressed. Modify to add another animal.

Sound Player Simple

Explore – Sound Player Simple

Use the arrow keys to play different sounds.

Dance Events

Explore – Dance Events – explore

Modify – Dance Events – modify

DebugDance Events – Debug

Uses the keyboard to make the sprite dance and play music. Uses the Sounds tab.


Fantastic Mr Fox Characters

Explore – Fantastic Mr Fox Characters

Click on the characters to find out more and animate them.

Pencil drawing shapes

Etcha Sketch*


Order –


The pencil is moved using different events. Explore the drawing code blocks, put the code in the correct order, and find the errors in the debug project.

Butterfly Stamp

Explore – Butterfly Stamp – explore

Order – Butterfly Stamp – order 

Press the space bar to stamp the butterfly in a random place on the backdrop.


Dinosaur draw project

Dinosaur Draw


Modify –

The drawing tools are used here, but with the addition of buttons to change the colour. Explore the code, then complete the modify project to make it work.

musical stars project

Musical Stars

Explore & Modify

Debug –

Explore the sound code blocks to make musicmusic code blocks, and add your own code to the blue star. Spot and correct the errors in the Debug project.