Click on the images below to view each project. You can also find them all on Scratch here: (plus a number of extra activities) 

Boy and Butterfly - Explore

Explore and modify this very simple activity using different events to make things happen.


Dance Mix - Explore

Explore the events that are used to make the boys dance. Code includes loops – not suitable for remixing at this level.


Animal Menagerie - Explore

Explore what happens when you press space bar or click on the sprites. Modify to change the actions.


Dinosaur Draw - Explore

Explore the code to make the dinosaur draw and change pen colour. Uses ‘broadcast message’ blocks.


Dinosaur Draw - Modify

Add the code to move the dinosaur in all directions and to change the pen colour. Uses ‘broadcast message’ blocks.


Musical Stars - Explore

Explore the code that plays music when the stars are clicked. Complete the code for the blue star.


Musical Stars - Debug

Find and correct the bugs to make the activity work properly.



Etcha Sketch - Explore

Explore different events to control the pencil to draw.



Etcha Sketch - Debug

Find and correct the errors in this drawing program.



Etcha Sketch - Extend

Some code is provided for students to add to in order to make a working program.