Physical Computing Alternative Units

We have created two alternative programming units for schools following the Teach Computing Curriculum that don’t have access to Crumbles or Microbits in years 5 and 6. These are free for teachers to use, but please credit the Sheffield eLearning Service when sharing or repurposing.

Year 5 - Selection in Physical Computing

This unit covers the key concepts of input & output, repetition and selection, and introduces pupils to the concept of physical systems that use sensors. They learn how to simulate simple physical systems in Scratch, for example traffic lights, sound sensor and automatic doors.  Download resources from Google Drive
Traffic lights Scratch Project

Year 6 - Sensing & Real-World Applications in Scratch

This unit covers the key concepts of input & output, repetition, selection and variables. It consoldiates pupils knowledge of physical systems that use sensors, and pupils have the opportunity to create real-world applications such as translation tools, chat-bots and generative art in Scratch.
Wind turbine scratch project

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