Projects marked with an asterix* are accompanied by a worksheet for pupils. You can access these here. You can also find all projects on Scratch here: (plus a number of extra activities). 

Variable Clicks

Explore – Variable clicks

A simple project to show how variables change value

Apple or Pufferfish / Astronaut or Ghost

Explore – Apples or Pufferfish?

Explore – Astronaut or Ghost?

Two simple projects to show how a variable can be used as a score.

Hungry Horse Scratch project

Hungry Horse*


Debug –


Explore simple variables used to keep score in the game. The Debug project has three errors to correct.

Marvellous Monkey Maths scratch quiz

Marvellous Monkey Maths*


Debug –


Explore the maths quiz and add your own questions. Uses a variable to keep score. The Debug project has three errors to correct.

link to scratch project

Simple Quiz




Explore another simple quiz and add your own questions. Uses a variable to keep score. The Debug project has three errors to correct.

Simple maze game

Simple Maze Game – variables

Explore – Simple Maze Game – variables

A version of the maze game with a variable to track the number of attempts.

Bat Maze scratch project

Bat Maze*




Version 2

 Explore how the bat maze works, uses a variable to track lives. Put the code together to create a working project in the Modify version. The Debug project has three errors to correct. Version 2 uses arrow buttons to move the bat instead of keys.

Bat Maze scratch project

Bat Maze Mods

Bat Maze mods – difficulty

Bat Maze mods – obstacles

Bat Maze mods – operators

Versions of the original bat maze with modifications to challenge learners.

Story creator project

Create Your Own Story



Create a story using variables and the ‘Ask’ command. The Debug project has three errors to correct. 

Chat bot scratch project

Chat Bot



Explore how to create your oown Chat Bot using variables.


Variable flowers project

Variable Flowers

Explore #1

Explore #2

Explore #3


Explore how to draw complex shapes using variables to determine the number of sides and petals. Version 1 has set values, version 2 asks the user to set the number of sides and petals, and version 3 has code which determines what answers can be accepted. 

Fortune Teller

Explore – Simple Fortune Teller – explore

Modify – Simple Fortune Teller – modify

Extend – Simple Fortune Teller – extend

Uses a random number variable to randomly select an answer.

Magic 8 Ball

Explore – Magic 8 ball – explore

Debug – Magic 8 ball – debug

A more complex version of the fortune teller with effects.

Rock Paper Scissors

Explore #1

Explore #2 –


Explore how the Rock – Paper – Scissors game works usnig a variable. Version 2 keeps score. The Debug version has 3 errors to correct.

Chatbot Nano

Explore – Chatbot Nano 

Explore Chatbot – explore

Two projects that use variables to simulate a chatbot.

Random Stars Art

Explore – Random Stars Art  explore

Use random number variables to create art.

Tera the Translator

Explore – Tera the Translator

Uses the Translate extension to translate user inputted words into a language of their choice.

Create your own story

Explore – Create your own story – explore

Debug – Create your own story – debug

Create a story based on user input.

Variable Music Maker

Explore – Variable Music Maker

Explore how variables can create music.