Support for Computing Leads in Sheffield

We love computing text on circuit backgroundThere is a lot of great work being done in Computing in Sheffield, across Primary, Secondary and Special schools, and we want to help teachers share best practice and find resources. In the past we have run Primary Computing Co-ordinator’s Briefings every term, but we have now cancelled these. This is a as a result of Learn Sheffield starting up subject specific network briefings, and the development of CAS hubs – it seemed sensible to provide one clear meeting every term that combines all these things. So what we now have in Sheffield is as follows:

Primary & SEN:

  • Learn Sheffield Primary Computing Network Meetings, which are also South Yorkshire Primary CAS* Hub meetings every term
  • The next meeting is on the 14th June, 4-6pm at Malin Bridge Primary School

These sessions combine sharing of best practice, updates on resources and developments in primary computing, and hands on workshops. They are led by Karen Sadler, of St. Wilfrid’s School, and supported by the eLearning Team (Sue Finnigan, Catherine Elliott, Thom Winterbotham) and Julian Wood, CAS Master Teacher, Wybourn School.

Secondary & SEN:

  • Learn Sheffield Secondary Computing Network Meetings, combined with the Sheffield Secondary CAS* Hub meetings every term
  • There will be a launch event for the CAS hub on the 27th April, 4-6pm at the UTC Olympic Legacy Park.
  • The next Network meeting will be in June, date and venue t.b.c.

These sessions combine sharing of best practice, updates on resources and developments in secondary computing, support for delivering qualifications and hands on workshops. They are led by the eLearning Team (Catherine Elliott, Sue Finnigan), Colin Smith, UTC Olympic Legacy Park, and Neil Bizzell, King Edward VII School.

*CAS = Computing at School –

Computing At School is a national organisation whose mission “is to provide leadership and strategic guidance to all those involved in Computing education in schools, with a significant but not exclusive focus on the Computer Science theme within the wider Computing curriculum.” They run regional CAS hubs to support this mission, and training for teachers to become Master Teachers.

You can sign up for a free login to access the Community pages (, which contains a forum and ever-growing bank of resources shared by teachers for teachers.

Any questions or suggestions for events, please let us know.

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